This is our brand

by Alfons van Duijvenbode


Pangasius in Indonesia have a different way than others. So Indonesian Pangasius is a better choice because of better water and better farm management, because we farming using a probiotic, not antibiotic. Antibiotic is meant to against life, and is not healthy. But probiotic is pro-life.


Indonesia is better known as a seaweed nation, because 75% tropical seaweed in the world are come from Indonesia. This is a solution for the world, why? Because it turns out that seaweed cultivation absorbs CO2, so this is absolutely a solution to climate change. And Indonesia is not only a source of a raw seaweed but also source of the processed seaweed. So what we do in seaweed industry in Indonesia is to be a binding solution and cultivate seaweed for a community solution. We can say that seaweed in Indonesia is a multiple solution to the world.

Pole and Line tuna
Not many people in the world knowing that Indonesia is big when it comes to sustainable catching for tuna. The fishermen traditionally cathc the tuna with the pole and line or just by the handline, they catch the tuna one by one. Not by using a nets, so is very friendly. So we can say that Indonesia tuna is sustainable by tradition, one by one. Because of we do it by the sustainable way, so the market will definitely grow and there will be an opportunity for Indonesian tuna industry.